​​​​​​​Established in 1969, the Staten Island Developmental Disabilities Council (SIDDC) assists in the planning, promotion and development of services for individuals with developmental disabilities and their family members.  An association of self-advocates, family members, service providers, professionals and other interested individuals. The SIDDC works together in an effort to ensure the quality of life for Staten Islanders with special needs by sharing relevant information and advocacy.

Monthly meetings are held at the Elizabeth A. Connelly Center (930 Willowbrook Road, Bldg. 41A) and include guest speakers/special presentations to keep members informed about current issues.  In addition, each of the SIDDC standing committees provide reports, which highlight the work and advocacy efforts being conducted for the purpose of educating and better informing all interested parties on issues and trends impacting individuals with developmental disabilities. These committees are comprised of parents, self-advocates, advocates, and professionals who have extensive knowledge of all aspects of the world of developmental disabilities.

The SIDDC also communicates the needs of families to public and elected officials to ensure that the concerns and needs of the people we represent are voiced and addressed through quarterly Legislative Information Exchanges, use of various media outlets, like Staten Island Community Access Television (SICATV), local news media outlets and an annual Community Breakfast.  A Family Resource and Transition Fair is held each year, which provides a forum for relevant information regarding available supports and services and developments in the field.

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June 16, 2017- General Council Meeting to discuss Care Coordination. More information to come.

See the powerpoint presentation HERE

As a follow-up meeting on 7/19/17, this was the powerpoint for the parent's meeting regarding Care Coordination:

​See the updated power point HERE

​There was also a MSC meeting on 7/20/17

​See that powerpoint